Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Picsin Photo Editing

We thought it was time to take a look at the most basic feature of most photo apps, which is the Camera itself. The camera function in PicsIn will let you do more than just take pictures though; there is a wide array of settings you’ll be able to apply before & after you snap your photo. 

Before you take your picture you can adjust several different settings. You’ll be able to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. You can also set the white balance, scene modes, and turn the shutter sound off. There is an effects section as well, where you can give your picture a mono, negative, or sepia tone. 

Once you’ve snapped your picture, you can adjust it through preset filters, or edit it through the Photo, Draw and Goo functions. The preset Vignette filters like Film, Greyscale, and Sepia are sure to give your picture a unique look. Through “PicsIn Draw” you can use brushes of different sizes to write on your pictures, as well as adding text, shapes, or stickers to your photos. 

The Photo function lets edit your pictures through cropping, rotating, flipping, and resizing your photos. You can also add a “Callout”, text, clipart, frames and some other cool effects. Last but not least, Goo will let you twist and distort your pictures in many crazy ways.

When you masterpiece is finished, you can either publish it, or export it. Finding a place to share your photos won’t be a problem, PicsIn will let you export via Facebook, Flicker, SMS, Bluetooth, Twitter, and about any other way you can imagine! No matter what you want to do with your photos, you’ll be able to do it from within Picsin.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mad at your Boss? Get some payback with Goo...

One of the cooler features of PicsIn is something called Goo. With this fun little feature you can bend, twist, and contort the faces of your friends, or enemies...

Say you’re stuck at work on a Friday, just waiting for the weekend to start when your boss comes in and asks you to stay late.

Well, Goo can make you feel a little better by letting you twist your boss’s face into some crazy contortions.

The “Play” function is very cool as well. Once your done making crazy faces, just click play & drag your finger across the picture for a funny surprise. You can also use all the other functions of PicsIn within Goo, such as adding text, clipart, & frames.

Of course, it’s no fun if you can’t share your funny pics with your friends. We have included a wide variety of ways to let you share your photos when you’re done. You can share them through Facebook, Twitter, Text or Email, just don’t send it to your boss by mistake…

Another cool thing we like to do is play, “Who is this?”

You just take a picture of a famous person, and twist it up until it’s unrecognizable.

Pass your phone to your friends & let them guess away! No matter who you want to “Goo,” PicsIn has you covered. Be sure and check back with us, as we’ll be updating the blog weekly with new tutorials, ideas, and updates!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to Picsin Blog

Welcome to our new blog! If you’re not yet familiar with us, we have created a full featured Android App that will allow you to create, edit and share your photos. Using PicsIn, is like having a full fledged personal photo studio, that fits right in your pocket. We have amassed over 1,000,000 downloads in only 7 weeks since our launch, and are dedicated to bringing you the best. Tired of those Photo apps that start out with a bang, but are never updated? We have a team of hard working developers that update our application regularly, and strive to bring you the coolest new features.

With PicsIn, you can take photos, and apply a wide variety of effects that will make your pictures pop. Whether your want to send that special someone a message with a personal touch, or just get silly with your friends, PicsIn had you covered. Want to get a good laugh out of your friends? Then fire up “Goo” and you can play with their faces like they were made out of silly putty. If you would rather keep it simple, there is a wide variety of stamps, frames, stickers, and graphics available for you to choose from. This full featured photo editor will also let you crop, rotate, and add artistic effects to your photos as well.

Once your done creating your masterpieces you’ll want to share them with your friends. You can share those pictures through your public profile or gallery, along with popular sites like Facebook, Flickr, and Picassa. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you’ll be creating great photo art in no time.

With a 4.5 star ranking, and close to 19.000 reviews, many of our customers believe we are the best Photo editing software for Android. You don’t have to take our word for it; here’s what some of our users had to say…
"Love it!! It its fun & entertaining!" - by Evelyn

"The best pic app in the Android market!!" - by Courtney

"Great app easy to use and free!" - by Scott

"A must have for picture lovers, fun and easy love it!! "- by April
As PicsIn has grown in popularity, we thought it was about time to add a blog. We appreciate your support, and have been listening to your thoughts & comments on Facebook, Twitter and the Android Market. Through our new community blog we will be able to provide tutorials, share ideas, and keep you up to date on the latest features of PicsIn Photo Suite. We are truly dedicated to changing the way people create & share their photo art, as well as enjoy the art made by others.

You can download Picsin free from Android Market.