Friday, April 29, 2011

Mad at your Boss? Get some payback with Goo...

One of the cooler features of PicsIn is something called Goo. With this fun little feature you can bend, twist, and contort the faces of your friends, or enemies...

Say you’re stuck at work on a Friday, just waiting for the weekend to start when your boss comes in and asks you to stay late.

Well, Goo can make you feel a little better by letting you twist your boss’s face into some crazy contortions.

The “Play” function is very cool as well. Once your done making crazy faces, just click play & drag your finger across the picture for a funny surprise. You can also use all the other functions of PicsIn within Goo, such as adding text, clipart, & frames.

Of course, it’s no fun if you can’t share your funny pics with your friends. We have included a wide variety of ways to let you share your photos when you’re done. You can share them through Facebook, Twitter, Text or Email, just don’t send it to your boss by mistake…

Another cool thing we like to do is play, “Who is this?”

You just take a picture of a famous person, and twist it up until it’s unrecognizable.

Pass your phone to your friends & let them guess away! No matter who you want to “Goo,” PicsIn has you covered. Be sure and check back with us, as we’ll be updating the blog weekly with new tutorials, ideas, and updates!


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