Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Picsin Photo Editing

We thought it was time to take a look at the most basic feature of most photo apps, which is the Camera itself. The camera function in PicsIn will let you do more than just take pictures though; there is a wide array of settings you’ll be able to apply before & after you snap your photo. 

Before you take your picture you can adjust several different settings. You’ll be able to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. You can also set the white balance, scene modes, and turn the shutter sound off. There is an effects section as well, where you can give your picture a mono, negative, or sepia tone. 

Once you’ve snapped your picture, you can adjust it through preset filters, or edit it through the Photo, Draw and Goo functions. The preset Vignette filters like Film, Greyscale, and Sepia are sure to give your picture a unique look. Through “PicsIn Draw” you can use brushes of different sizes to write on your pictures, as well as adding text, shapes, or stickers to your photos. 

The Photo function lets edit your pictures through cropping, rotating, flipping, and resizing your photos. You can also add a “Callout”, text, clipart, frames and some other cool effects. Last but not least, Goo will let you twist and distort your pictures in many crazy ways.

When you masterpiece is finished, you can either publish it, or export it. Finding a place to share your photos won’t be a problem, PicsIn will let you export via Facebook, Flicker, SMS, Bluetooth, Twitter, and about any other way you can imagine! No matter what you want to do with your photos, you’ll be able to do it from within Picsin.